Years of successful Research are the foundation of Movatec

„My personal inspiration and passion for fundamental neutron physics gained over the last ten years was one of the keys for the foundation of Movatec”

Starting in 2006 with the construction of a new source for ultracold neutrons at the reactor TRIGA in Mainz, new techniques for ultracold neutron transport, storage and detection have been developed. All of these techniques came alive with a simultaneous development of a new designed coating infrastructure permanently adapted to the ongoing demands. This never-ending development process is the second key for the foundation of Movatec.

The third and most important key is the vision of Movatec to develop and manufacture high performance products helping to boost the scientific output of existing and future ideas.

Dr Lauer
Dr. Thorsten Lauer COO Movatec GmbH
Movatec GmbH, Phone +49 (0) 89 5505 4853, e-mail info@movatec.de